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Heat Embossing

Embossing is straight forward, and is a super way to enhance your stamped image. The raised shiny coating adds great dimension to the images.

Embossing powder will stick to any moist, stamped image. Slow drying inks such as Versamark & pigment inks stay wet longer – giving you more time to apply the powder.

First use an anti-static bag or tumble dryer sheet to rub over the cardstock before stamping as this will prevent the power clinging where you don’t want it.

Stamp the image which is to be embossed and sprinkle the embossing powder over the stamped image. Tap off any excess powder onto a spare piece of copy paper and return the unused powder to the pot. If there are any stray bits of powder try flicking the card from behind or use a very soft brush.

Allow your heat gun to heat up for a few seconds before applying the heat to the powder – keep the gun about 2 inches away from the surface of the card. Once you see the powder change into its’ shiny form – keep moving the heat gun around as you don’t want to scorch the card.

If cutting an embossed image, do not cut into the embossed lines as they will crack and flake.




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  1. Thank you for posting these tips they make crafting easier when you don’t know how things work or why you do something.

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