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Chalks are a great way to add a lovely light layer of colour. They are very easy to use.

Most chalk sets come with applicators, but can be purchased separately. There are many types of applicators which include foam applicators, brushes, pom poms, cotton balls etc. Chalks can be applied directly to the paper to add background colour, highlight dry embossed areas, stencils, peel offs and edge torn card.

Do Not apply chalks with your fingers as the oils in them can affect the cardstock.

Stamp your images with Versamark and dab your chalks in your choice of colours where you have stamped. Be careful to only dab and not rub. When you have finished gently rub over with a tissue to remove any excess. Always start with the lightest chalk first.

Use an aerosol hairspray lightly to fix the chalks.



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